Musician threatens to sue ZBC

hosiah_chipangaProminent Zimbabwean Musician Hosiah Chipanga has threatened to sue the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) for reportedly banning his latest album, Hero Shoko, from receiving airplay through the state-controlled broadcaster. (Pictured: Zimbabwean Musician Hosiah Chipanga)

Chipangas lawyer, Panganai Hare, wrote to the ZBC on 22 July 2009 giving it seven days within which to rectify the issue before taking the broadcaster to court. Hare said the ZBCs move was an infringement on Chipangas freedom of expression as it impedes the albums availability and marketability to fans.

The ZBCs Secretary, Norman Mahori, said he would examine the album before responding, but would also consider the morals and ethics of a public broadcaster.

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