Zanu activist returns looted property

stolen_computersMP for the area, Heya Shoko, confirmed in a telephone interview with Radio VOP Thursday morning that he had been informed that some property had been returned. Makova last month had, in the company of ZANU PF youths, stormed the constituency office and grabbed a desk, a computer, chairs, telephone headset, and some curtains claiming that he h

The bulky losing MP claimed the property did not belong to the Zimbabwe parliament.
I have been informed that he came early today (Thursday) and dropped some property. I am yet to check for myself if he brought everything.
I think he realized that his move to loot the property claiming that it was his was valiant but ill-advised, Shoko said.
However, Cassiano Chaodza, the district constituency officer who mans the office, said Makova is yet to surrender all of the property.
He only brought back a desk, some chairs and a telephone headset. No computer, and curtains, Chaodza said.
Makova however insisted that he had brought back everything. …I have returned what was not mine. What I bought with my own money, I kept, he shouted, before abruptly hanging the phone.
Police provincial spokesperson, Inspector Phibion Nyambo, said he was to verify if everything looted was returned.

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