ZAPU deny Mugabe approached Dabengwa for Vice Presidency

dabengwaZAPU, which broke away from ZANU PF last year, has denied reports suggesting Mugabe approached party leader Dumiso Dabengwa about replacing the late Vice President Joseph Msika.

(Pictured: Dumiso Dabengwa)

ZAPU spokesman Methuseli Moyo told our Behind the Headlines series on Thursday that there was no truth to reports linking Dabengwa to the Vice Presidency. There is no truth in it. We have just seen the media reports but when you check the source of the story its coming from someone who is neither from the Presidents Office nor from ZAPU. I dont think anyone would believe such a story, he said.
Moyo says Dabengwa has denied the approach and insists he has not met anyone from ZANU PF about becoming Vice President. Asked if it was possible Mugabe could have had a private chat with Dabengwa without the knowledge of his party, Moyo responded by saying why would Dabengwa leave his own party to join another party where he is going to be a Vice President when he is the leader of ZAPU? He said they did not believe any of their members would ever consider rejoining ZANU PF after over 20 years of disappointment since the unity accord signed in December 1987.
There is fierce infighting within ZANU PF over who will succeed Msika. Newsreel reported last week that although current ZANU PF national Chairman John Nkomo is the front runner, the faction led by Defence Minister Emerson Mnangagwa is jostling to have Mines Minister and Mugabe blue-eyed boy Obert Mpofu as the replacement. This has infuriated Nkomo and most in ZAPU who consider Mpofu a ‘sellout’ after his defection to ZANU PF long before the unity accord. Bulawayo Governor Cain Mathema, and Zimbabwes ambassador to South Africa Simon Khaya Moyo, are the dark horses.
The breakaway ZAPU believe reports of Dabengwa being offered the post are an attempt to test the waters and gauge reactions. Its more to do with the dilemma in ZANU PF. When Dabengwa and others pulled out of ZANU PF clearly they left behind a big hole. When you speak to ZANU PF members in Matabeleland they are saying none of the crop in ZANU PF can fill Msikas boots, Moyo told us. But he poured cold water on any chance of Dabengwa rejoining ZANU PF saying there can be no miracle they can perform to correct all the bad things that made us leave.

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