Farm implements gather dust

toolsBINGA -- Farming implements distributed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) under the Farm Mechanisation Programme are getting rusty at Binga police station because of bickering between Zanu (PF) officials and the beneficiaries, the Zambezi Green Valley Project ZGVP) farmers. (Pictured: Some farm implements Dozens of such implements distributed by the Reserve Bank of

The farm implements which include scotch carts, harrows, ploughs and cultivators were meant for Zanu (PF) supporters ahead of last years harmonised elections but following the partys dismal performance in the elections in the area, RBZ decided to give the implements to ZGVP, an association of local farmers, accused of being Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) supporters.?

There is a lot of politics behind the farming implements. When the implements arrived in 2007 we were told that they were going to be distributed through Zanu (PF) structures but after complaints and representations to RBZ it was resolved that some of the implements should be given to ZGVP farmers, said Timothy Senda, a member of ZGVP.?

Senda said Zanu (PF) officials in the area were blocking the release of the implements to the farmers saying that members of ZGVP s are MDC supporters.? Even if it is true that ZGVP members are MDC supporters what is wrong with that? We are now in the inclusive government and I do not understand why some people still live in the past. Right now we should be preparing for the up-coming rainy season but some people who are not even farmers are busy denying us farming implements.

The District Administrator for Binga, Tapera Mugoriya said there were few logistical problems which were causing delays in distributing the implements.

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