Refurbish buildings or close: banks told

barclays_bankBULAWAYO Several branches of some of the countrys biggest banks in Bulawayo could be forced to temporarily close down operations after the buildings they occupy were condemned as unsafe by the local authority.

The banks located in Bulawayo’s central business district are Genesis Bank, CFX Bank, FBC Building Society, Barclays Bank, Intermarket Bank, three POSB branches and five Beverley Building Society branches.

According to the latest Bulawayo council minutes, the buildings occupied by the respective banks were condemned as unsafe following inspections conducted by city inspectors recently.

According to Section 249 of council by-laws, a condemned building can only be occupied after it is refurbished or improved to meet standards prescribed by the municipality and when the local authority issues a certificate of occupation for such a building.

If this by-law is effected the banks will either have to relocate to other premises or will have to close down operations while the buildings are repaired.

Bulawayo council chamber secretary Sikhangele Zhou said the buildings occupied by the banks were condemned because of various defects such as lack of fire-points and damaged floors.

“The occupiers of the condemned buildings were given deadlines to attend to the defects,” said Zhou, noting that the occupiers of the buildings will be forced to vacate them if they failed to repair the respective buildings.

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