Rising prices cripple housing cooperatives

housing_cooperativesMUTARE The ever-rising prices of building materials are a major setback to efforts by local housing cooperatives to build homes for members.

Housing cooperatives, where people pool together resources to build houses for members, have become a popular way to own a home. But Mutare Housing Consortium chairman Petros Dingane said increasing prices of building materials could derail plans by his group to build 5 900 housing units for members.

In an interview with the Zimbabwean on Sunday last week, Dingane said: The development of residential stands and the realization of the dreams of owning houses by most of our members has been held back by the ever increasing prices of building materials.

The costs of materials have skyrocketed making it impossible for our members to purchase materials that are required to construct standard structures.

Dingane called on the government to monitor prices in the construction industry in order to ensure they remain within levels that low-income earners can also afford.

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