AGs office legally bankrupt – ZSF

tomanaJOHANNESBURG The Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum (ZSF), says the persecution of activist Jestina Mukoko was evidence of the illegitimacy of attorney general Johannes Tomana (pictured).

The controversial Tomana was unilaterally appointed to his post by President Robert Mugabe last year, contrary to the principles of the Global Political Agreement. Throughout this affair (Mukokos abduction and trial) Johannes Tomana has served only to produce further evidence of the morally and legally bankrupt nature of his office and the illegitimacy of his position as Attorney General, ZSF said in a statement.

The organisation joined the many proponents of democracy in celebrating a rare victory for justice campaigners in Zimbabwe after the ruling by the Supreme Court Justice that granted the renowned human rights activist a permanent stay of prosecution. ZSF called on perpetrators of human rights violations over the years in Zimbabwe to be brought to book.

The ZSF will continue to stand with the people of Zimbabwe during this transitional period and join the demand for justice, freedom and the rule of law. We hope that this victory for Jestina Mukoko will herald the beginning of a new era. An era in which an independent judiciary, judicial reform and a robust rule of law will hold the state and its agents accountable for the violations that took place around the violent June election run-off, and the numerous state operations before this, that have denied Zimbabweans both their human and peoples rights. The ongoing human rights violations in Zimbabwe will be exposed, and indeed at an appointed time the perpetrators will be brought to book.

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