Fighting fianc appeals against sentence

dinoHARARE Rasta-kwasa musician Dino Mudondo (pictured) has appealed to the High Court for a lesser sentence after being sentenced to 14 months imprisonment.

Although the jail-term was suspended, the musician claims that his girlfriend, who was charged over the same incident, received a lighter sentence. Mudondo and Dapeta had fought over their wedding plans a dispute that led to them both being injured.

Officers said they received a police report that the 31-year-old co-founder of rasta-kwasa music had struck Dapeta after she confronted him about the continuous change in their wedding dates. The couple should have wed two weeks ago.

Mudondo was sentenced to 14 months in prison. Six months were suspended on condition of good behaviour and eight months were suspended on condition that he completes 280 hours community service.

Dapeta was sentenced to a wholly suspended four-month prison term. Mudondos lawyer Charles Kwaramba is now arguing that his clients sentence was too severe.

The court erred in sentencing the appellant to 14 months imprisonment, said the lawyer. The two were charged with the same offence after they had fought; they appeared in the same court on the same day before the same magistrate, and they both pleaded guilty to the offence. No explanation was givenfor the distinction. No reason was given for treating such similar accused persons differently.

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