Headman punished for MDC friendship

MARONDERA - War veteran headman Soul Mutenga of ward 23 Chimimba village, has been evicted from his A1 plot and stripped of his headmanship for befriending an MDC supporter, Wilfred Mumvuma.

The eviction, which has pitted war veterans against one other, has spilled into civil courts. Matengas eviction is being instigated by a notorious former army major, Wesley Kajese. Kajese is a self-proclaimed commander of violent farm invasions in Mashonaland East.

Kajese connived with the district administrator James Chiwara, to evict my family from a piece of land I was allocated through the fast track agrarian program. I possess an offer letter to that effect. Besides evicting resettled farmers sympathetic to the MDC, Kajese and the DA are targeting helpless farmers who do not want to bribe them to stay on the land, said Mutenga.

He said he was issued an offer letter for plot 39 in 2001 and appointed substantive headman for 49 homesteads.

Mutenga alleged that the DA recently asked him to surrender cattle if he wanted to be spared eviction. He refused and was assured that he would be forcibly removed from the farm and replaced by patriotic farmers. He has since been dragged to court and issued with a 21 days eviction order to pave way for Kajese who also owns plot 7. The eviction order was issued on September 28 and Mutenga is expected to leave the land by October 19.

My ancestors were buried at the farm and there is no way I can relocate elsewhere. Come what may, I am staying put, he vowed. Traditionally, we must carry out family rituals where our ancestors and other elders were buried. Kajese is a stranger who wants to oppress helpless villagers. He is sub-dividing land and allocating it to his relatives without consulting responsible government authorities. The government must investigate and relieve the DA of his duties as he is cashing in on unscrupulous land allocations.

He called on the inclusive government to urgently inspect and curb the ongoing chaos around farms. Mutengu has engaged human rights lawyers to assist him win back his six hectare farming plot. Chief Rinos Masangomai has written an affidavit supporting Mutengus ownership of the disputed plot.

The DA and Kajese are reportedly allocating pieces of land to people for US$150. They are selling land at lots 22 and 23 cattle grazing fields, leaving cattle with nowhere to graze.

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