Outrage over Moyos hypocrisy

jonathan_moyoHARARE - Zimbabweans from all walks of life have expressed outrage at the latest switch by independent legislator Professor Jonathan Moyo (pictured) to Zanu (PF) without consulting voters in his Tsholotsho North constituency, with many branding him a shameless opportunist and an attention-seeking turncoat.

“There is only one word for Jonathan Moyo – hypocrite!” charged Mercy Rukacho of Hatfield. “I believe everyone in Parliament should sit as they were elected. If they decide to change parties, they should go and get re-elected.” Justice and Legal Affairs minister Patrick Chinamasa said the status of an independent MP’s seat in Parliament did not change even if he decided to cross floors, and was ruled out a by-election.

Tafirenyika Murombedzi, a university student said crossing the floor should be illegal as it is totally undemocratic, and goes against the wishes of voters. “What Jonathan has done creates cynicism and completely destroys the faith of the electorate,” Murombedzi said. “This is why many people don’t even bother to vote. These politicians are playing a very dangerous game just for their own personal benefit. This is a form of corruption with far-reaching repercussions and it should be taken very seriously.”

Moyo told the State Press that his constituents would have no problem with his floor-crossing because his campaign projects were undertaken while he was still in Zanu (PF) “I am sure the people of Tsholotsho, who know only too well that the development projects which speak for themselves across the constituency, were done with and through Zanu (PF) are also delighted about the outcome,” Moyo told The Herald.

Dzingai Moyo of Sunningdale 3 said: “Jonathan Moyo is someone who craves attention and does not seem to know where he stands on anything.” However, Justin Macheka, an avid admirer of Moyo, said the political science professor was the kind of maverick Zanu (PF) was looking for, an independent who has no qualms about defending President Mugabe’s controversial policies. Ephraim Masawi, the Zanu (PF) deputy spokesman, told reporters after the Politburo meeting Thursday that Zanu (PF)’s highest decision-making body had unanimously endorsed Moyos readmission.

Moyo was expelled from Zanu (PF) in 2005 after he was fingered as one of the key figures behind an alleged palace coup to impose leadership changes in the Zanu (PF) presidium. Over the past nine years, Moyo has gone from being a fervent critic of the Mugabe government to being its fiercest defender and then again to being one of its fiercest detractors. Now he is back in the Zanu (PF) fold again, with a crucial election on the horizon.

Only in December last year in an interview with Reuters, Moyo denounced Zanu (PF), calling it a “tribal clique” with no respect for democracy. He has often said the party was “full of geriatrics clinging to power”.

A Harare businessman who runs a string of supermarkets and spoke on condition of anonymity, said “The entire political landscape in Zimbabwe is dotted with people like Jonathan Moyo who do nothing more than encourage pessimism, apathy, and total distrust from the voting public. This is another sad day for democracy in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Analysts believe Moyo will rejuvenate Mugabe’s dying party, because he is a master propagandist. But others feel he has gone way past his sell-by date’ and his return will be futile.

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