Reduce import duty

zimraEDITOR -- ZIMRA, Ministry of Finance and all the relevant authorities please you need to understand the plight of your people.

The value of goods one could import duty free through Beitbridge (and other border posts) was R3 000.00. But this has been reduced to R2 200.00, while duty for anything beyond the duty free limit is 65 percent and that is ridiculous.

You need to understand that it is not easy for people to get money here in South Africa. Besides what local industry is there in Zimbabwe that you want to protect and what are you doing with the tax money?

How do you expect your people to develop when tax them so much and pocket all the money? It would have been if you, at least, used the money raised through duty to provide social grants to the old and poor.

You need to come up with reasonable tariffs and before you put that into effect discuss it with the people. Do not just come up with tariffs and impose them like that.

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