Violence at Foothills Farm

violancePinsi Tauro, Gladys Guvheya and Tariro Benhura were heavily assaulted with an iron bar by a ZANU Pf self confessed war veteran Jacob Chiripanyanga yesterday around 0700 hours in the morning at Foothills farm in Bindura. (Pictured: Head injuries sustained from iron rod strikes)

Tauro, who is battling for his life sustained serious head injuries, lost a lot of blood, collapsed and was unconscious for one and half hours before he was admitted at a local hospital in Bindura where hes yet to receive treatment.

Jacob Chiripanyanga uprooted plants from Tauros garden before striking him several times with an iron rod in a deliberate move aimed at violent ouster for all the farm workers deemed supporters of the Movement for Democratic change (MDC).The warfare has now been directed towards destruction of the only source of livelihood for the farm workers who survive on small scale gardening.

It is unfortunate that no action has been taken by the police to bring the culprit Jacob Chiripanyanga to book despite the fact that the incident was reported at Bindura police station yesterday.

Residents of Foothills farm have been locked in a fierce legal battle with Jacob Chiripanyanga who is seeking their ouster after he occupied the farm under the ongoing violent land grab by ZANU Pf supporters. Chiripanyanga is taking matters into his own hands despite the fact that he has filed an application at the Bindura magistrate courts under case number C232/9 due to be heard on the 19th of October. Inhabitants of Foothills farm are exposed to the worst human rights violations in the hands of marauding ZANU Pf supporters who have become law unto themselves, unleashing a reign of anarchy in Mashonaland West province.

Political violence against farm workers continues unchecked across the country as law enforcement agents are reluctant to act in political cases involving Mugabes loyalists.

Restoration of Human Rights Zimbabwe (ROHR) is calling for the government to address the plight of farm workers around the country who are exposed to rampant gross human rights violations in the absence of the law. We encourage Giles Mutsekwa the co-minister to ministry of home affairs to provide the much needed balance and put an end to the ZANU Pf cancerous culture of impunity.

Meanwhile the vice president of ROHR Zimbabwe Sten Zvorwadza is set to appear in court on Monday 19 October 0800 hours at Rotten Row magistrate courts on trumped up charges following a peaceful protest that was held last year in January in which more than 200 members of ROHR Zimbabwe were calling for the investigation of the murder of Fibeon Mafukidze who was beaten to death by army officials from Eastdale military base in Gutu under the instruction of Selina Mumbengegwi wife to the then minister of finance Samuel Mumbengegwi.

26 people were heavily assaulted and brutalized by the ZRP police for taking part in the peaceful demonstration.

One year after the formation of the coalition government between ZANU Pf and the two MDC formations, it is regrettable that the attorney generals office continues to harass and persecute outspoken human rights activist through the systematic abuse of the rule of law when people who committed documented bloody crimes with impunity during the March- June 2008 harmonized election violence are still walking free.

Renowned human rights lawyer Alec Muchadehama has also fallen victim to the attorney generals misconduct and intimidation campaign that is targeted at human rights defenders.

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