A revelation of his sacrifice

As one mejesusditates on what went on at Calvary, you have to accept that this sacrifice was for us and every bit of pain and suffering was encapsulated by His love for us.

Jesus would have endured anything just so that we could escape the devils trap. You know Jesus did not have to do it; He did not have to walk this earth and be verbally and physically abused. He did not have to walk this earth and experience and live in an environment where people were suffering and dying.

But, He was obedient to the Father. For anyone to say that God does not love them shows you that they do not fully understand what it cost both God and Jesus to pay for our sins. And you know the sad thing about us Christians – when we are sick or have failed, we run to God and ask Him to heal us or deliver us from our sin. How Jesus must anguish at our lack of faith and understanding at the tremendous price He paid for us. When he said it was finished that is exactly what it was – sin, disease, poverty was finished. We really need to ask God to give us a revelation of what happened that day two thousand years ago.

Although Jesus had now dealt with sin there were two things He still had to do. He had to go into hell and preach to everyone and give them an opportunity to accept Him as their Saviour. 1 Peter 3 verse 19 says: By which also He went and preached unto the spirits in prison,

If you would please give me a little latitude, imagine, the devil and the demons as they were lounging around the cross, praising each other on how they managed to snare Jesus. I believe the devil thought Jesus had come to the earth to set up His kingdom, like most people thought at that time. So while they were having their great party, a lesser demon came running through to the party and stood before the devil and said, Boss you better come and have a look, and this demon had a worried look on his face.

The devil responds: How many times have I told you not to call me boss! My name is Prince Satan! Cant you look after hell just for a short time? Are you so incompetent that if I am not there for a little while everything falls apart?

On Sunday we will learn what happened on that day

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