Cell phones increase risk of brain tumours

cellphonePeople who used cell phones for a decade or more had a 'significantly increased risk' of developing tumours, according to a recent survey. The investigation by the World Health Organisation analysed studies of 12,800 people in 13 countries.

It found people who used cells for a decade or more had a ‘significantly increased risk’ of developing some types of brain tumours. Six of the eight Interphone studies found an increased risk of glioma – the most common brain tumour – among cell phone users, according to The Daily Telegraph. The head of the WHO study, Dr Elisabeth Cardis, said the report would recommend young children should have restricted access to cell phones.

She said it will also include a ‘public health message.’

Dr Cardis added that although the study was not definitive, precautions were important. Some critics said the report may have underplayed the results because it did not study any children. They pointed out that the Interphone investigation was also partly funded by the cell phone industry.

How to limit exposure to radiation from your cell:

Send texts rather than call on your cell

Use a hands free kit when making calls

Avoid using your phone if the signal is weak

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