Day of reckoning WILL come

gideon_gono_notesThe Zim dollar is necessary to create revenue (in hard currency) for Zanu (PF)
Robert Mugabe is confirming every low expectation the people of Zimbabwe have of him. What on earth should they do next: Defeat Mugabe to rebuild Zimbabwe, or rebuild Zimbabwe to defeat Mugabe? (Pictured: Zimbabwe Reserve Bank Go

What happens if MDC continues to play fair and square, courteous and by the rules? The cobra will still bite you whether you call it cobra or Mr Snake. Mugabe will always be Mugabe the master of political deception.

Speaking of snakes, Mugabe is a snake oil salesman who knows how to handle African diplomacy (or more precisely African dictatorship). Whenever there is a crisis (artificially created by him in the first place), he does not cringe. He is quick to tell the world that the crisis is a Zimbabwean problem which Zimbabweans themselves must solve.

Of course Zimbabweans refer to himself and his kleptocrats. As SADCs two-week deadline (requiring outstanding GPA issues to be addressed) passes, Mugabe has predictably done absolutely nothing to remedy his violations of the GPA. Whether its reversing his arbitrary appointment of Zimbabwes most inept and thoroughly discredited Reserve Bank Governor in history, Gideon Gono, or removal of the obsequious Attorney General. Similarly, the cessation of violence and restoration of rule of law remain pie in the sky.

Gono bankrolls Mugabes projects and stashes his cash in Asia. He stands to resume his job as money-printing CEO as Mugabe intensifies efforts to revive the Zimbabwe dollar. From their adulterated economic perspective the Zimbabwe dollar is necessary for economic activity which creates revenue (in hard currency) for Zanu (PF). They need it to buy US dollars from the market. Of course today they have the audacity to perpetuate the grand delusion that sanctions have caused Zimbabwes economic ruin.

What a nostalgic feeling they have for the black-market economy that created fly-by-night millionaires! People worry about hyperinflation and zeroes re-emerging? Well, As monetary authorities Gono, will make another guarantee as he did in July 2008; “This time, we will make sure that those zeros that would come knocking on the Governor’s window will not return. They are going for good. Did anyone believe that?

For the umpteenth time, Zanu (PF) and the fringy MDC-M politicians have told us how they now want to work in brotherhood for Zimbabwes sake. Mutambaras gibberish must be ignored. Its like taking the advice of the fox on how to protect chickens. The paradox of it all is that violence actually increased to include incarceration of activists and ZCTU leadership.

When the GPA appended a National Healing and Reconciliation clause, many of us were convinced that it had effectively removed the liability of possible misapprehensions about future calls for retribution. The clause was a de facto amnesty for Mugabe and his ilk.

The problem is: even if Mugabe were to drop dead today, Zimbabwes political quagmire will not end. In fact it is likely to degenerate. Can you imagine what will happen given all the Zanu (PF) sharks jostling for power? Mugabes mess will be with us for some time, long after he is gone.

While in Rome last week, Mugabe sputtered in feigned rage (as per trademark), the equivalent of f-bomb tirades against the West. Pulling spectacular tantrums, Mugabe attacked the “neocolonialist enemies for blocking Zimbabwes access to world food markets. What an oddity! Markets for maize? The last time Zimbabwe exported food was before the self-destructive farm seizures back in 2000. Of course its convenient now just to heap scorn on other nations for our failures.

Maybe he was referring to international sanctions against Gonos flowers or milk exports from his wifes Gushungo Farm. How many children are going hungry or are malnourished in Zimbabwe who desperately need that milk? If these people were really sensitive to the peoples plight, shouldnt they feed the hungry given the multiple farms they now have?

The Swiss government has just seized assets worth US$350 million belonging to Abba Abacha, one of Sani Abachas three sons. US$700 million stashed in Swiss Banks has already been returned to Nigeria by Swiss authorities. It is part of the US$2.2 billion looted by Nigerias former President, a vicious dictator. The moral of the story is that after all the misery he caused to his people, he died. Zimbabwes day of reckoning is also coming.

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