From the terraces

Dont worry boys lets now fight for second place and go to Champions League. Leonard Chitsamba, Kwekwe.
Thanks Chuchu for saving us from Mandigora, even though we lost to Gunners we are still going to play in the Champions League next year. Sam, Mutare.

Lets keep winning Chuchu and play in the Champions League where we belong. DeMbare vakuru. Ngoni, Chiredzi.

Hona Mwana wako!! Gunners disrespected us last Sunday but we are still going to beat them and show them who the real men are when we clash in the Champions League, next year. Dhile-Dhile Boy, Chitungwiza.


Keep it up Bambo, the sky is the limit. You are the coach of the Year. You gave Gunners players what they deserve the trophy. We will represent Zimbabwe in the Champions League next year. Netsai Mbiriri, Warren Park.

Im not a Gunners supporter but I just wish them all the best, I hope they will beat DeMbare again in the Champions League, if DeMbare manage to take second place. Their arrogance costs them the league championship. Chamu, Bulawayo.


This year was tough for us boys, lets gear up for next year and make sure we have a very good start. Henry Dlamini, Luveve.

We will always be behind you Bosso, you are down but not out. Mta, Bulawayo.

Caps United

MaKepeKepe for life. Keep it up guys; a top three is not bad. Next year is our year. T.One, Glen View.

Lodza make sure you give us the championship, next year otherwise we will chase you away, takakunyara this year. Mad Dog, Gweru.

We made a mistake of not winning our first matches, we could have been on the top watching DeMbare and Gunners fight for second place. But all the same well done boys, give us the Trophy next year. Fatso Maravanyika, Harare.

Soccer Stars

You needed not to look any further, it should have been DeMbares first team for the Soccer Stars of the year. –Dhile-Dhile Boy, Chitungwiza

I think the soccer stars selection was fair but Daniel Veremu also needed to be there but the problem is who was going to be dropped. Thank you for realizing the talent of young Vimisai, at least it shows its not all about DeMbare every time. Judge Donny, Chitungwiza.

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