There is justice in this world

jenni_williams_and_magondonga_mahlanguIt was a proud moment for all Zimbabweans when two brave women received the Robert F Kennedy Human Rights Award from President Barack Obama in Washington this week. Magodonga Mahlangu and Jenni Williams are worthy recipients of this prestigious award, named after assassinated American attorney general and memb

These two women are the embodiment of the suffering of millions Zimbabweans.

They have chosen to bring peace where there is discord and violence, to bring love where there is hatred, to march and sing in streets where they are faced with massive fire-power and relentless bullies, unashamed to thrash and kick their sisters, mothers and daughters.


( Pictured : Jenni Williams & Magodonga receiving an award from President Obama)

They have not resisted arrest. Some have even gone to police stations to hand themselves over when others of their number have been imprisoned. They have spent countless nights in filthy, overcrowded police cells and prisons. They have spent weeks and months in court listening to lies and trumped up charges.

WOZA is a truly grassroots movement, and its support base transcends the rural-urban divide. Its membership also transcends all other dividing lines in Zimbabwe today race, age, gender, tribe and region.

Many Zimbabweans, all over the world, watched with huge pride in their hearts and tears in their eyes as these two remarkable women received due recognition on behalf of the women and men of WOZA and MOZA for their fearless stand against Mugabe, Zanu (PF), dictatorship and brutal tyranny.

In the end, history has a clear direction and it is not the way of those who arrest women and babies for singing in the streets. It is not the way of those who starve and silence their own people, who cling to power by threat of force, declared President Obama as he bestowed the award.

One thing that this award signifies is that Zimbabweans may be arrested, brutalised, tortured, murdered. They may have their human rights trampled upon. And all the while their perpetrators may believe they are untouchable. But the world is watching – and there is justice in this world.

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