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have_your_say2What do you want to be included in Zimbabwes new constitution? As a community service to complement the constitution making process, The Zimbabwean on Sunday is pleased to offer space in every issue to enable the people to have their say about this vital document that will become the foundation of the new Zimbabwe.

Please SMS your views to +263 913 245 709 and we will publish as many as possible in the coming weeks.

1. The government must control prices of basic goods and services. Mase. Shurugwi.

2. The new constitution should recognise and uphold equal rights, the family institution, freedom, justice and peace. Stanislaus Roy Ruve. Chivi.

3. Political leaders and public officials at all levels including the state president must resign once found guilty of conduct that is not in accordance with acceptable moral or professional standards. Anon. Harare.

4. Constitution must end discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. Pastor Semenya. UID Ministries.

5. Chiefs, headmen and kraal-heads must not take part in partisan or party politics. Karuma. Harare.

6. Any leader elected to public office should not enjoy immunity from prosecution for offences committed while in office. Anon. Harare.

7. The new constitution must respect culture (tradition) including in matters associated with or pertaining to the institution of marriage. Jay Maringe, Botswana.

8. Zimbabweans staying abroad must be allowed and be enabled to take part in national elections. The constitution must uphold the one-man-one-farm policy and empower the government to seize under-utilised land. The constitution must uphold and advance the rule of law. It must uphold the freedoms of expression and association. NMH Belingwe Malvin. Johannesburg.

9. Cabinet ministers must not be Members of Parliament and provincial governors must be directly elected by the people. C Dick. Mutare.

10. All languages must be taught in schools. In cases where another medium of instruction other than is English is used to teach children that medium must be the vernacular language of that particular area. Nathaniel.

11. The most important asset for a country is its citizens and this must be valued. The constitution must provide for a federal system of government. Masaire B KWT.

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