Dogged housemates meet the real Bow Wow

bow_wowHARARE Young US rapper and actor Bow Wow is set to give ***Big Brother Africa: Revolution** fans a treat, as he makes a surprise appearance at the grand finale, where one contestant will walk away with US$200,000. (Pictured: Bow Wow will be performing at the Big Brother Africa grand

The last Zimbabwean housemate Itai Makumbe bowed out of contention for the lucrative prize last Sunday after he was evicted, leaving just five contestants.

Born Shad Gregory Moss, the 22-year-old Bow Wow started his rapping career at just 13, under the influence of his notorious relative Snoop Dogg and producer Jermaine Dupri.

He jetted into South Africa yesterday, combining a holiday with performances at several exclusive parties around the country.

The five housemates in the running for the big prize today have shared the house with 25 strangers from around Africa for 91 days, with their every move recorded by 40 cameras and 100 microphones. The footage was broadcast live across the continent, showcasing all of them fighting a battle for popularity.

Now they will come out of the house and see the US rapper as he performs hits from his latest album ***New Jack City 2****.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwean housemate Makumbe said after his eviction last Sunday: Honestly, I got tired of the game. One can only survive for so long and I am glad that I got this far with people falling off every week.

Whilst he was up for eviction numerous times, Makumbe always seemed to find way to save himself every week.

One of his strengths, which he efficiently used, was to fish for information in all the alliances that existed, without being noticed at first.

Information is power and I knew where I stood in the game each time I made contact with everyone in the house. I let people find it easy to trust me and tell me their true feelings and plans. It kept me abreast for a while but, like anything, it came to an end, he explained.

While he felt comfortable slithering his way from eviction every week, many of the evicted housemates expressed discontent at the way he tricked them. They described him as a snake or chameleon, incapable of being true to them or to himself.

It is interesting that they can say that in my absence and yet none of them ever confronted me when we were still in the house. I can understand their anger. I was still in the house and they were out, so it is only natural to be bitter, he said.

He rubbished speculations about his being romantically linked to Nkenna.

I did not think of her or anyone else in the house as potential partners. That was not part of my game plan. I must confess though, I found Jen very attractive but I will stick to my girl back home, Tsitsi, he added.

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