Editors demand media dialogue

media_rightsHARARE - Zimbabwe Editors have demanded an urgent dialogue on media reforms and an assurance from the government that exiled journalists will not be prosecuted if they return.

President of the Zimbabwe Editors Forum, Iden Wetherell, said last week that his organisation was concerned by the governments reluctance to give an assurance on

the safety of exiled journalists if they return. We are very much worried by the governments actions on addressing the issue of exiled journalists who are working in the Diaspora because there are continued threats to journalists working for the so called pirate radio stations. We want the minister of Information to give us written assurances that if the exiled scribers come back they will not be victimised.

We are also worried by the dilly darling by the government in dealing with media reforms, a thing we believe is crucial and should have been completed. It is eight months since the government discussed media issues, and since then nothing has been done, said Wetherell.

Zimbabwe Independent Newspaper Editor, Vincent Kahiya, said media reforms were long over due.

There are a number of issues that the government promised to address when the inclusive government was formed in February and nothing has been done in respect of reforming the media. We are disappointed by that development, and we urge the government to abide by its commitment it made in the GPA when they said media reforms were a priority, said Kahiya.

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