Hallelujah – trapped pensioner freed

xmas_carolAn 80-year-old chorister who got trapped in a hospital toilet was freed after singing the chorus to Handel's Hallelujah. George Hudson, from Cranbrook in Kent, started singing to raise the alarm after the emergency chord failed to work, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Mr Hudson, who was at the Kent and Sussex Hospital in Tunbridge Wells for a hip replacement operation, was then rescued. “I pulled the red chord and I got no response. I waited a bit more and when I started to get a bit chilly I wondered what I could do if they’re not taking any notice of the bell,” he said.

“I thought, oh well, it’s coming up to Christmas, so I gave them the opening verse of the Hallelujah chorus. The doors then opened very quickly. “I like to think it was because they didn’t want to disturb the rest of the patients rather than my singing.”

Mr Hudson, who sings with his local choir, said he did not blame staff for the equipment failure after he got stuck in the cubicle with just his Zimmer frame. “I feel so sorry for them – they’re working their socks off,” he said.

The married octogenarian has performed with the Cranbrook and District Choral Society since he was 27. A spokesman for the hospital apologised for not answering Mr Hudson’s call sooner.

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