Keep your mouth shut

xmasWe are continuing with the Christmas story. We have looked at how important John the Baptist was in preparing for the birth of Jesus. We also saw what an amazing person Joseph was. Mary also responded in a Godly manner.

In Luke 1 verse 39 it says in those days she immediately got up and went to her visit her cousin Elizabeth. What could Mary do? If she went to Joseph and said that she had conceived by the Holy Spirit and was still a virgin, do you think Joseph would have believed her? From the time Mary conceived to the day she returned, we dont know how long it was, however it was a minimum of three months. When she returned Joseph must have seen that she was pregnant, but according to scripture, Mary never said anything to Joseph. This highlights that Mary was a young woman, who had a tremendous amount of faith and trusted God. She was relying on the Holy Spirit to speak to Joseph.

This is an IMPORTANT lesson that every one of us can learn from. If Mary had gone to Joseph and had tried to explain her situation, two things could have happened, the first, which is obvious is he would not believe her, but secondly even more important is when Joseph had the dream, he could have explained the dream away, thinking what he dreamt was because of what Mary had told him. She kept quiet.

There is not a living soul who has not tried to play the Holy Spirit! We have all tried to tell our spouse, friend, work colleague or somebody, what they should do or where they ought to change. The crazy thing is if we are honest, 99% of the time it does not work! Here is a big lesson to learn. Let the Holy Spirit do the work in a persons life. John 16:8 says, He will reprove the world concerning sin. It is the Holy Spirits job to do the convicting, not ours! If more of us relied on Him to do the work, there would be less conflict in the world.

The Wise men

Now we come to the part where tradition has changed things so much that you actually wonder if you have been reading the Bible! Matthew chapter two is the only passage which mentions the wise men and Herods part in everything. First of all it does not say there were only three wise men! It says, there came wise men from the east! We have no indication of how many, but one thing we know is there was a large group of people.

Why would wise men go all the way to Israel to pay homage to the King of the Jews? Some say these wise men were actually astrologers and from the stars they were able to foretell the future. This is not correct as the Bible mentions on a number of occasions that astrology, fortune telling or reading the future in the stars is not Godly. So God would never have revealed the plan of His Son to people who practised evil.

So who were these men? Daniel centuries before, was captured and sent to Babylon and later King Darius of Persia invaded Babylon and Daniel served this king. Daniel became famous and over time, he became the head of all wise men in Persia.

In Daniel chapter 9 and 10, Daniel prophesied the coming of the Messiah and it seems that these men had access to all of Daniels writings, which had been passed down. Is it not amazing that Daniel, a Godly man, had such influence over a pagan country? There is a lesson to be learnt here that if one Godly man had such influence, how much influence should all the Christians in Zimbabwe have? We are definitely doing something wrong!

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