Mediator takes sides – negotiations now pointless

bob_tsvangiWhen Tokyo Sexwale stands up at the just completed Zanu (PF) congress and declares undying gratitude to Zanu (PF) because of their support of the ANC during the South African liberation struggle, then we have to realise that the deck is stacked hugely against the MDC.

And when the negotiations are suspended to allow the Zanu (PF) congress to take place, and when Zanu (PF) declares that there is nothing left to negotiate as they have conceded all that they intend to concede, then we have to acknowledge that the ‘unity’ government is now living on borrowed time. Especially when you take heed of Mugabe’s speech over the weekend in which he stated that the government only has a 24-month life and that elections should be prepared for.

In Mugabe-speak, that means that the various arms of Zanu (PF) – including the armed forces, the militia and the war veterans – are to gird their loins and prepare for battle. Not just any battle – a battle against the people of Zimbabwe as his people beat their way back into office, back to being the ruling party – a party that does not hesitate in killing their protractors.

But will SADC actually acknowledge that not only are the negotiations now effectively over without any agreement, but that those that were nominated and appointed as mediators are, in actual fact, huge advocates for Zanu (PF) superiority in Zimbabwean politics?

At a guess, I would say that SADC will do nothing. And while a few statements will be made in the free world, very little if anything – will be done to force Mugabe to do anything.

Living a lie is in Mugabe’s DNA – and he refuses to accept the public choice of the MDC as their new government. Having the mediators supporting his party is just part of the lie that

Mugabe lives. He will not even discuss with the MDC the option of sharing power, even though his party was the loser in March 2008.

But he continues to rule Zimbabwe without the public mandate, without the agreement of the real elections winners, and certainly his authority in the free world is questioned.

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