No human rights for farm labour

farm_workers_dispossessedHARARE The human rights of farm labourers in the country have not been observed, according to General Agriculture and Plantation Workers Union Zimbabwe (GAPWUZ).

90 per cent of children born on farms in Zimbabwe do not have birth certificates while 60 per cent do not attend school due to continued displacement and lack of resources, said the union in its statement to mark this years World Human Rights Day.

As Zimbabwe observes this day (Human Rights Day), over 4 000 people are denied their basic rights to shelter, clean water and other amenities. We have thousands of farm workers and their families who, on a daily basis, are facing intolerable harassment and infringement of their right to express themselves.

It is also time for the government to start recognizing the negative effects of the land reform process and to provide the basic social needs for the affected, said GAPWWUZ.

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