Sally Mugabe orphanage abandoned

sally_mugabeGOROMONZI - An orphanage that was established by the late First Lady Sally Mugabe in Goromonzi is virtually falling apart with infrastructure dilapidated after years of under-funding. (Pictured: Sally Mugabe - Established the Mbuya Nehanda orphanage in 1986.)

The matron of the Mbuya Nehanda orphanage, Auxillia Chonyera, said vandalism and failure to maintain infrastructure at the orphanage following the death of its patron and founder, had affected operations at the home. For example Chonyera said they were using firewood to cook because the as the orphanages boiler packed up 10 years ago.

Sally, the first wife of President Robert Mugabe, died in 1992 six years after establishing the Mbuya Nehanda orphanage in 1986. Chonyera said: We wish if Mai Sally was still alive because she used to provide for the orphanage centre that used to provide for the more than 500 orphaned children we used to keep before her death. We have tried to find assistance from local political leaders but to no avail.

We have a boiler which ceased to function 10 years ago, and we use firewood to cook for more than 200 children we are currently having. We used to have a truck that we used to transport children to the nearest school, which is 13 kilometers away, and it broke down some years ago and we are failing to repair it, and children are walking 26 Kilometers to and from the school.

We have more than 50 teen age girls who need sanitary wear and we are finding it difficult to provide all these basic needs because we do not have any source of income. The matron said that because of the orphanages failure to provide for the children several of the orphans had fled the home to go back to the streets of Harare. Its disappointing to tell you that most of the orphans are going back to the streets were we took them because we have no food to feed them, she added.

Help Age Projects manager Adonis Five said his organization recently joined hands with another NGO to raise food for the orphanage centre. He said: We were touched by the plight of this orphanage centre and we have mobilised some food items which we think is going to last for few weeks, and we hope that our superiors are going to extend our proposals through increasing the budget they allocated for this project. We also challenge other NGOs to assist in this desperate situation.

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