Zimbos want elections – Opinion Poll

daniel_calingaertJOHANNESBURG - Most Zimbabweans want elections, favour Presidential term limits and believe the economic conditions improved in the past year, according to an opinion survey which was released by the Freedom House. (Pictured: Daniel Calingaert, the deputy director of Programmes at Fre

During the media briefing at a press release here on December 11, the deputy director of Programmes Freedom House, Daniel Calingaert, stated that the survey was conducted in 10 provinces using the respondent’s language of choice.Despite high literacy rate in Zimbabwe 61 per cent of the respondents said they had never heard of the constitution. Three out of four respondents were of the opinion that the economy of Zimbabwe had improved in the past year.

73 per cent want an election in the next two years while four out of five Zanu (PF) supporters said violence was never justified. The power sharing in Zimbabwe is considered the second best solution, but 43 per cent believe it is a bad alternative to competitive elections.With President Robert Mugabe at the helm of the country for nearly three decades, 60 per cent of Zanu (PF) supporters said they wanted Presidential term limits and an independent judiciary was favoured by 78 per cent. Since 1980 about 35 per cent said they had been subjected to some political intimidation and harassment.

53 per cent of those interviewed expressed optimism that the next elections would be free and fair. The survey was sponsored by the Mass Public Opinion Institute. Interviews were solicited from a sample of 1200 Zimbabweans.

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