Developers flout council regs

BULAWAYO - A number of private developers here are failing to follow procedures on construction of houses with some building houses on un-serviced land.

The Bulawayo City Council has ordered the developers to stop construction until servicing has been completed. According to the latest council report, developers who were given tenders to service stands in Pumula South, Cowdray Park and Mahatshula suburb were flouting council regulations. Council said a coordination team was facing a lot of challenges because private developers were reluctant to follow regulations. They had constructed houses without completing the requisite water and sewer connection.

In Pumula South, the developer has been advised to stop construction until servicing has been completed as spelt out. Another developer in Pumula South phase 3 was also ordered to stop house construction until servicing has been done in accordance with the agreement of sale. The developer relocated from Zimbabwe two years ago at the height of economic challenges without completing the project. Council has also instructed a developer in Cowdray Park Phase 3 to halt house construction due to lack of servicing. The local authority castigated the private developer for contravening the conditions of the agreement of sale.

In Burnside, council said the private developer had no site office and used unskilled labour resulting in poor workmanship. The staff turnover is very high resulting in a lack of continuity in the project. Very little work has been done on roads except bush clearing and the developer seems to be concentrating on water only, said council. In Mahatshula North, the developer, who was given 100 stands, had no site office and also uses unskilled labour.

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