Funds raised for Rokis return

roki_musicHARARE - Some of Zimbabwe's producers, artists and friends in the UK are joining forces to raise substantial funds for stranded urban groover, Rockford Josphats (pictured), aka Roki, to come home.

The appeal, posted on the net, claimed Roki had fallen prey to bogus promoters and had been fleeced, leaving him with no cash to fly back home.

“This is an appeal to all artists/producers/fans/ and friends to assist with getting one of Zimbabwe’s talented artist/producer Roki home to Zimbabwe from Madagascar were he fell victim to bogus promoters who disappeared with his money leaving him penniless,” the appeal said.

The appeal is being championed by US-based Zimbabwean artist Cee Jay, who is also CEO for Rudeboy Records.

The appeal said Roki needed to get home to be with his child. His wife Pauline Gundidza of Mafrique, recently gave birth to baby girl Minana, her second with the urban groover.

Some of Rokis songs include Chidzoka, Jordan, Zion, Ndoda, Mumwe, Suzanna, Nhliziyo.

Cee Jay and Slaggy Yout, two exiled Zimbabwean dancehall artists, lead the way by making a donation towards Rokis plane ticket.

“So if you feel like you can help out just email [email protected] or [email protected],” the appeal said.

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