Goches deadline unreasonable – motorists

goche_nicholasHARARE - Motor vehicles with old number plates will not be allowed to cross Zimbabwean boarders after the end of January. (Pictured: Nicholas Goche)

The announcement was made at the weekend by transport minister Nicholas Goche But motorists say it is not possible to meet the deadline. They blame the long process required to register motor vehicles by the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR).

“The Minister should realise that we also have a lot of other commitments other than spending the whole day at a registering office, I have tried to acquire these new number plates so many times but when one can’t spare the whole day for that then they won’t succeed,” said one motorist.

“Most Small to Medium Enterprises in Zimbabwe depend on cross border trading and such stringent conditions imposed will negatively affect their businesses. Yet we want the economy to get going and empower the locals. I think he should have at least set penalties for non-compliance and allow business to take place as usual,” said cross border trader Themba Ny’ava.

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