MDC must name and shame corrupt elements

morgan_tsvangiraiNews that the main MDC formation led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has launched a crusade to weed out corrupt elements within its ranks is most welcome. It is the correct thing to do.

But the mere fact that people to whom denouncing President Robert Mugabe and his corrupt Zanu (PF) party has become second nature would, within months of getting into power, find themselves entangled in a web of allegations of corruption involving some of their most senior cadres will to say the least — come as a shock to Zimbabweans.

Granted, it is not everyone in the MDC-T who is being accused of corruption and the fact that the party leadership has swiftly moved to probe suspects is a good sign the larger organisation does not condone corruption.

But we were expecting that the MDC-T would be too busy at this point in time probing Zanu (PF)s corrupt activities of the past three decades and gathering all the evidence for future reference.

We were wrong! It is the MDC-T legislators, councilors and ministers who need to be investigated for taking bribes, flouting government tender procedures and falling for this culture of corruption, to use partys spokesman Nelson Chamisas words. What a shame!

Of course, in an organisation that in terms of support can easily claim to be the largest political party in Zimbabwe there were always going to be some crooked elements there and there.

But that is not a nearly good enough excuse for the party of excellence that has built much of its support by opposing and speaking out against corruption and misrule by Zanu (PF), the military and hangers-on of Mugabes party.

Now the MDC-T must carry through its promise to act against corrupt elements within its ranks. Those found guilty of corruption must be named, shamed and dismissed or Tsvangirai and the MDC-T risk forfeiting the trust of Zimbabweans.

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