Mining machine to improve production

mining_freda_rebeccaHARARE Filberg Enterprises' newly invented and Chinese modified Chinotakura windlass mining machine has arrived in the country, according to officials.

Filberg Enterprises managing director, Patrick Masunda, said components of the machines arrived in the country in December. The reassembly of the machinery has begun, with the rest of the parts expected to arrive in March.

“We are excited to present customers with two brand new models of the Chinotakura power winder, said Masunda. The first being a manual one that now comes with a declutching system and foot breaking system, and the second being an electric winder with an optional 9.8 kilo volt generator. Many small-scale mines are forced to close in the rainy season so this generator enables miners to pump the water from their shafts and continue to work through out the year,” Masunda said.

The Zimbabwe Miners Federation chief executive officer, Wellington Takavarasha, said the arrival of the machines was a step towards mechanising small-scale miners.

“It will definitely improve production as it has the ability to pull out more ore than the methods we have previously been using. It can also be used to lower miners into a

shaft mine,” Takavarasha said.

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