Moyo a disgrace

jonathan_moyoHARARE - In his statement to the website, Jonathan Moyo (Pictured) issues a number of threats against the Zimbabwe Mail website (which broke the Tsholotsho II story originally), The Zimbabwean, its reporters, me personally and the MDC in general.

The threats have been noted and we take them seriously. For the record, Moyo said: Maybe they do not know this but the MDC T idiots and the British counter intelligence agents behind Wilf Mbangas desperately false Christmas story are playing a dangerous disinformation game which can be played in far better ways by revolutionary comrades to the devastation of corrupt and incompetent MDC T ministers, councillors and politicians including Wilf Mbanga and some Zimbabwean website operators whose cupboards are full of shocking skeletons. With its British and Rhodie roots so naked, the MDC T is a sitting duck for counter intelligence games that others can also play and even better. If they doubt this, they should continue their dirty tricks and see what will happen to them as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow!

Wife beater

Also for the record it must be stated that Moyo is a man whose wife has taken him to court for beating her, he kidnapped his children and took them to Kenya in defiance of a High Court order, he has been accused of fraud not once but twice by the Ford Foundation in Kenya and at Wits University in South Africa. He left both reputable institutions under a cloud that has never been dispersed. In the 1970s the cowardly Moyo fled from a Zanla training camp in Tanzania and sought refuge in the USA a country he now purports to hate. He is a nothing but a political prostitute who made his name as an arch critic of Robert Mugabe in the 1990s, and morphed into a craven acolyte of the aging dictator in the early 2000s. He turned against Mugabe and Zanu (PF) again after being sacked from government before the 2008 elections vilifying them eloquently, as is his wont. In 2009 he made yet another complete somersault and became Mugabes greatest fan once again.

His latest statement says: This is 2010 and Zanu (PF) has taken its lessons from the events of the last 10 years and the revolutionary party is poised for renewal and growth rooted in its strong history as a revolutionary liberation movement with a nationalist, democratic and progressive orientation. This year and beyond, imperialists and their sell-outs such as Wilf Mbanga will come to appreciate that, in the final analysis, every Zimbabwean is Zanu (PF) at heart! For the record about 60% of Zimbabweans voted against Zanu (PF) at the last election despite having been beaten, terrorised, starved, deprived of information, forcibly relocated, made homeless and disenfranchised.

Threats fulfilled

In my experience, every time Moyo has uttered a threat, something terrible has happened. In 2001, he said the Daily News **** should be silenced for its madness a few days later bombs destroyed the newspapers entire printing press in the Southerton industrial sites. Nobody was ever prosecuted for this crime. When his party Zanu (PF) issued a threat against The Zimbabwean in 2008, a few days later on May 25 our truck and 60,000 copies of the newspaper were torched by CIO operatives from Masvingo in plain clothes. Once again, this dastardly act has never been investigated. We will hold Jonathan Moyo personally responsible if anything happens and one day he will be brought to justice and be answerable for his actions. He has got away with so much it is not surprising that he considers himself untouchable. But though justice may be delayed, it will surely come.


It is interesting that Moyo keeps using the word fraud when attacking me. There is a saying in Shona Muzivi wenzira yeparuware ndiye mufambi wayo (The one who knows the path is the one who has been treading it.) He accused me of fraud in 2001 when he, as Mugabes minister of information, was trying to closed down the Daily News. This was followed by my arrest on that charge. After a lengthy court case I was acquitted. The magistrate was very clear he said no offence had been committed and any policeman with a bit of sense could see that there was no offence worth prosecuting. The entire case, he said, was nothing but harassment. Despite appealing to the High Court Moyo lost the case again.

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