Prepared for the Times

teach_me_your_waysThis coming year is going to be one of the most important years of our lives and the world. Even though the decisions we make will have magnified consequences, we also will be given less and less time to make them.

That is why the most important decision we can make by far is to seek the Lord first above anything else, getting to know Him and His ways better, and walking with Him more closely.

The true Christian life does not just know accurate doctrines, but is a life of following and obeying the Lord. As the Lord made clear, we can know all doctrines well, but if we do not obey Him, then it will not be good for us on that great Day of Judgment, and it will not likely go well for us in this life either.

There are two aspects to following the Lord and doing His will. One begins with loving the truth enough to seek it in His Word. The other is to know His voice. Even under the Old Covenant, we see repeatedly that Israel was required to obey His commandments and to heed His voice. This has not changed. We need to know and heed His written Word and obey His voice.

As we are told in II Thessalonians 2:10, just because we know the truth does not mean that we wont be deceived in these timeswe must have a love of the truth. If we truly love the truth, we will pursue it diligently.

Those who excel in any field are inevitably those who do the basics the best. The best will be found with a devotion to continually reviewing and practicing the basics. The stronger we are in the basics, the stronger all that we build upon them will be, and the greater what can be built upon them can be. The Bible was given to us so that we could view the world and life as God views it. To see the world in any other way than how the Lord sees it is a basic deception. A basic goal of the Christian life must be to walk in truth.

Without question, this is a daunting task, but so is following Christ. He never said it would be easyHe just said it would be worth it.

The Bible is filled with prophecies that have come true exactly as stated. The coming and life of Jesus was prophesied by dozens of people over a four thousand year period, and He fulfilled them all. No one else in history has ever had such credentials. Without question, Jesus is the One who was foretold to come. He accomplished all that He came to accomplish, and there is no one else in all of history whose message we can trust more. Knowing Him and His message, and thereby becoming His witness, is the most important endeavour we can have in this life.

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