Returning residents cry foul

immigrants_crossing_limpopoBEITBRIDGE - People returning home from South Africa without travel documents, are crying foul at what they described as daylight robbery at the hands of Zimbabwean immigration officials.

The are being forced to pay a R100 fine for failure to produce a valid travel document at Beitbridge border post, on the Zim side.

“Why is it that immigration laws are stricter on the Zim side than on the South African side for returning residents? I see no reason why my country penalizes people for returning to their country without proper documentation. Simple logic suggests that it is the South African authorities who should penalise exiting immigrants for staying in their country without valid documents. How can Zimbabwe fine its own people for returning home?” asked a furious traveller at the border post last week.

Asked for comment, immigration officials said it was an offence to migrate across borders without valid travel documents. They declined to elaborate or comment on unscrupulous officials lining their individual pockets with some of the fines.

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