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teach_me_your_waysWe are continuing on the subject of seed sowing. Say someone who prays over barren ground and cant understand why their neighbour has this great crop, but they have nothing. If someone did this you would say they were crazy. But there are Christians who are want results in their lives, but dont know what the word of God says about it.

They dont have any relationship with the Word, and when nothing happens, they get mad at God for not answering their prayer. Its the same as a woman who has never had a relationship with a man and yet gets mad at God because she does not have a child. There is something seriously wrong with her education, yet this is what many Christians are doing. There are those who say that they think somewhere in the Bible it says something about their situation, they dont even know where, but they expect their prayers to be answered.

If you want God to do things in your life, go to the word, spend time in it. Give it time to conceive inside of you. If you see it in the inside, after a period of time you will see it on the outside. There is a time for sowing and a time for reaping.

In Deuteronomy, God says today I have put before you life and death, choose life. I encourage you to choose reading the Word, spend time in the Word and allow the Holy Spirit to begin to conceive in the inside of you.

Beginning next Tuesday we will look at how speaking positively over Zimbabwe will have a tremendous impact on this wonderful country of ours. Those of you who have been following these articles would have read that it was through men speaking the Words of God, that Jesus was born of a virgin. It did not just happen!

We the Christians can change Zimbabwe by speaking the Words and blessing of God over the country. We are all guilty of speaking negative words about those in authority. In Romans 4, Paul says that God calls the things that are not as though they were. (Rom 4:17). Please note it does not say that it calls things that are as though they are not. In other words if we are sick, we should not say we are not sick. What we should say is, I have the symptoms of , but by His stripes I was healed. You may feel sick, but you chose to believe what the Word says about sickness over your own feelings.

And so we need to learn to say and agree what God says about Zimbabwe. – For previous columns in this series please see the website www.thezimbabwean.co.uk

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