Tomana is an absolute disgrace

johannes_tomanaWe are horrified that the Attorney General is professing ignorance of the MDC dossier that was handed over to his office last year containing full details of the abductions and murders of hundreds of MDC supporters before, during and after the March 2008 poll. (Pictured: Johannes Tomana)

What Johannes Tomana is trying to tell us, is that he has trashed the dossier. All those who died mean nothing to him. And he has absolutely no intention of doing anything to bring to justice those who perpetrated these dastardly deeds. That such a man holds the honourable office of Attorney General a nations highest legal office is an abominable disgrace.

Maybe we should just start all over again. It is a new year after all. The Prime Minister himself should take a copy of this dossier and hand it over publicly and personally to the Attorney General.

The whole country will then await the AGs response. The fact that not a single prosecution has taken place more than 18 months after the murders were committed, is an indictment against the office of the AG. We all know that many in the army, the police, the air force, the prison service and the CIO, as well as the militia and Zanu (PF) officials, were involved in the murders, abductions and torture of MDC activists in 2008. Many of these are known to their victims and named in the dossier. We are not asking the AG s office to undertake an impossible task the crimes that have been committed are easily solvable. There are numerous witnesses. Evidence has been compiled. The legwork has been done for him. All he needs to do is his job for which he is paid by the taxpayer of prosecuting criminals.

If he is unwilling or unable to perform his duties, then he should do the honourable thing and resign. Zimbabweans expect and deserve an AG who is impartial, professional enough to carry out his job without fear or favour, and uphold the constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe, to which he swore his oath of allegiance. The MDC has been demanding Tomanas resignation for many months, because of the manner in which he was appointed and because of his unashamed partisanship towards Zanu (PF). This hour demands that he proves to all that he is a professional, worthy of the trust of Zimbabweans, and that any of us seeking justice can be assured of finding it on his watch. If not, he must go. Now.

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