A travesty of justice

chomboThe rather indecent haste with which Local Government Minister Chombo has moved to defend the Chitungwiza town council facing charges of .......
(Pictured: Local Government Minister Chombo)

massive corruption and other malpractices is not at all surprising. Chombo and the party he represents, Zanu (PF), wouldnt recognise corruption even it hit them in the face!

In his infantile defence of what are clearly common thieves masquerading as councillors of Chitungwiza, Chombo last week said he would not accept recommendations from Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirais Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party to dismiss the councilors because whatever differences they have with their political party are an internal matter.

Internal differences do not matter to us, the good minister said. As far as we are concerned, this remains a party affair. It is not a local government issue.? What rubbish!

For the record the MDC wants the Chitungwiza councillors fired because Tsvangirais party on whose ticket the councillors were elected is holding dossiers of incontrovertible evidence of how the robber city fathers have looted municipal coffers, taken bribes, breached every rule of good governance and sold council land and pocketed the cash.

Now, what is internal about these crimes allegedly committed by the Chitungwiza councilors, if we may ask Comrade Chombo?

The same Chombo who not so long ago when Elias Mudzuri was doing a sterling job trying to revive the city of Harare fired the MDC man from the mayors job on trumped up charges of maladministration now turns around to tell us he cannot act against the Chitungwiza councillors because their alleged corruption is an internal party affair. What a travesty of justice!

He has total disregard for the residents of Chitungwiza whose money and resources are being looted by the councillors. This sort of total contempt for the people cannot and should not go unpunished!

That Chombo and many others like him in Zanu (PF), the military, police and other institutions of government do not consider themselves answerable to the people is obvious. They feel they have nothing to fear for as long as their man remains in charge at State House. They are dead right.

But of this let them be are assured: good will ultimately triumph over evil and they shall in the fullness of time — be called upon to answer for their many sins and transgressions. Let no one among them say they were never warned.

Word for Today

“Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become

blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved

generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out

the word of life.” Philippians 2, 14-16

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