Business muscle needed in HIV fight

aids_ribbonMUTARE The business community in Zimbabwe should intensify efforts to fight HIV and AIDS in the workplaces to enhance productivity, an expert has said.

In an interview with The Zimbabwean this week, the Manicaland Business Council executive chairman on HIV and AIDS, Patrick Ndlovu, said some businesses were not contributing enough in the fight against the disease.

The push for HIV and AIDS programmes that benefit employees is not coming from business at large. Different social organisations are pushing for it. The sector could do more by taking a leading role, said Ndlovu.

He said since people spent most of their time at workplaces, businesses should take advantage of the captive audience.

Ndlovu noted that when civic groups pushed for adoption of HIV and AIDS programmes, it was not a sign of excess resources, but that they expected companies to adopt them and start using their own resources.

He warned the business community that it was more at risk through ignoring initiatives by civic groups.

The survival of business is dependent on the enhancement of HIV/AIDS programmes and companies need to get involved, said Ndlovu.

Non-governmental organisations, he said, had done much in the fight against the pandemic, which had significantly contributed in reducing the countrys prevalence rate.

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