Coltart takes begging bowl to World Bank

david_coltart_educationHARARE A lack of funds has hindered the Ministry of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture's plans to set up a framework to tighten the regulation of levies,
(Pictured: Minister of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture David Coltart)

a move that has prompted the minister to seek assistance from the World Bank.

David Coltart admitted that his ministry had not made much progress, as there were shortages of funds.

“The ministry has no money and is waiting for the provision of funds and technical assistance. I have asked for assistance from the World Bank,” he said.

Coltart said he was in the process of looking for a lawyer who would assist him in his mission.

Last year the ministry said it would work on new laws that would foster accountability and encourage payment of fees and levies. The ministry said the statutory instruments were supposed to tone down the abuse related to the paying of incentives to teachers.

That came as part of a solution when parents raised complaints about the way schools were demanding incentives. Schools also claimed parents were taking advantage of the situation by not paying any fees at all.

The minister said that although the plans were still skeletal, parents were welcome to contribute to the law making process.

He said parents could write to him and he would consider their views, as they were the ones who promote education by sending their children to school.

“I have set up a committee with trade unions under the guidance of a principal director of Human Resources. It is looking at the whole issue of fees, levies and incentives. I assure you we are looking at the finer details of that,” he said.

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