Lamentations of Robert Gabriel

It was a heart-renting experience to listen and watch or read some of the forlorn statements uttered at the fifth congress of Zanu (PF) by

Mr Mugabe, Commander in chief of the armed forces, chancellor of all state universities, loser of the March 29 presidential elections, father of Chatunga, and former holder of more than 10 honorary degrees of various universities that have since stripped him of that honour.

I note the following lamentations of the old man as published in the Herald and Sunday Mail Zanu (PF) mouthpieces masquerading as newspapers:

The MDC told the EU Troika that visited the country they should not remove the sanctions yet. We have some whose thinking needs to be re-oriented.

Machechi akawanda deno tawana zuva rekuti tinamatirwe pfungwa dzitasanuke. We need a day where (sic) we can pray for the adjustment of our mental set-up (our mindset, stupid).

Government has money coming from the IMF issued as SDRs. Ours is frozen because somebody thinks they should not be used. This is wrong, absolutely wrong. (Good work Tendai Biti. Never before has a president been so humiliated by a mere minister).

We must conduct an introspection to look into (sic) ourselves. Let our party look into itself (sic) and you will agree with me that the reason why we lost in March last year was because of factions. (Easy to blame others Bob; what about your evil policies that have ruined the nation?)

The party is fighting itself, eating itself. (First accurate analysis ever made in Zanu (PF)). The MDC would want the fight to be more intense and that is a greater opportunity given to the opposition to thrive. (The old man is forgetting that his party is now the opposition).

Give them (the people) the freedom to belong to the party. Please free them. Let the people think freely. Let them make their choices freely. That is democracy. (That is also quite unknown to Zanu (PF) Mr First Secretary of the dying political party).

He said there was a need to reverse the uncanny and insidious encroachments by treacherous Western-sponsored political formations and a host of fake NGOs that have hidden their regime change intentions under the convenient but false cover of claims about the rule of law, human rights and property rights. (It is the negation of these fundamentals of democracy that your political party is shunned by the people, Mr Commander in chief blah, blah, blah).

The present day set-up is disempowering our people who are engaging in barter trade and losing everything they owned through barter trade. (Did Morgan not warn you that your ridiculous economic policies would reduce us all to Stone Age scavengers years ago? Did you listen to his wise words? Now you are crying as indeed you should).

It was very interesting to note that for the first time in the history of this country, Zanu (PF) admitted that it was facing formidable obstacles posed as a result of the strides made by the MDC-T. Mugabe urged his few supporters to work hard and prepare for the next elections, which he intoned, are round the corner.

These are the final elections for him to get more of the same medicine that Dr Morgan delivered to him in March 2008, only this time it will be a fatal dose. Zanu (PF) is well aware of this situation, and so is Mugabe. The key factor will have to be the result of the constitution-making process. If that process is successful in that it will result in the adoption of a democratic constitution for this country, then Mugabe will not need to lament any more. He will be able to retire safely and quietly and leave politics to the young and able in the MDC-T.

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