Locals must represent their area – Madzore

mdc_symbolWEDZA - Locals must be voted into office as members of parliament representing their home areas if development is to be evenly distributed across the country, MDC Secretary General for National Youth Assembly, Solomon Madzore, has said.

Madzore was addressing thousands of party supporters at a victory party, held at Banabas Business Center in Wedza last Sunday. Locals must shun candidates imposed on them from outside their constituencies. Such candidates have developmental interests focused elsewhere. A local candidate will have interests of the area at heart. He knows areas lagging behind in development and political, social and economic aspirations of his people. If you elect an outsider, he will develop and champion causes of people in his home area, at the expense of the electorate which voted him into office, he warned the electorate.

Madzore called on political parties and government to consider flooding the cabinet with youths, as elderly cabinet ministers have proved to be spent forces with nothing new to offer the country. Madzore took the opportunity to urge people to fully participate in the constitution making process.

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