SA calls for measures against Mugabe to be dropped

zimbabweJOHANNESBURG - The South African government has asked the international community to remove targeted measures imposed on President Robert Mugabe and his allies, saying they are...

hurting its efforts to solve the political problems in Zimbabwe.

President Jacob Zumas spokesperson, Vincent Mangwenya, told The Zimbabwean this week that the continuation of sanctions was hurting the progress of a political settlement.

The international community should start expressing support for the political parties to help them implement the political agreement. Continuing sanctions, targeted or not, is not helping matters. The international community should assist us in this regard, said Mangwenya.

The European Union (EU) last week extended measures that were imposed in 2003, restricting Mugabe and his cronies from travelling to Europe. They also bar companies owned by or with links to Mugabe and his inner circle from doing business with Europe. These were extended by 11 months.

Asked what Zuma would do next in response to a call by the MDC for help in getting around the negotiation deadlock, Mangwenya said, We will continue with our facilitating role and make sure the parties are still engaged, though we would like to see a speedier implementation of the agreement.

Zuma told the South African media last week that he was working on creating conditions for a free and fair election in Zimbabwe, but would like to see the sanctions imposed on Mugabe removed.

In a tactical move, Mugabe last week appointed MDC ambassadors to Germany, Australia, Senegal, Sudan and Nigeria. He also appointed commissioners of the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC), tasked with spearheading media reforms.

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