Stands taken to pay salaries

RUSAPE A storm is brewing between the Rusape Town Council and residents after the council repossessed developed stands to pay outstanding salaries.

Rusape Town Council, according to sources, was in the red and the local authority had run of commercial, industrial and residential space after the former Rusape Town Secretary, Albert Njobo, sold all the existing and non-existing space at the height of plastic money madness. However, last week the council repossessed stands which were on a window level and handed over to their employees as payment for the outstanding salary. Since the inception of multiple currencies Rusape council has failed to pay their labour force a single cent. Reports indicate that that the council was almost broke and on the verge of having the bulk of its assets attached to offset debt.

Irate residents said they were surprised when the council reposed their stands after giving them two-week notice to complete the structures. A source in the council said the move by the council was illegal and could backfire if residents took legal action. According to council laws any stand built to slab level is considered developed land. The Rusape town council blamed all the problems on Njobo, saying he paralyzed all council system, which the administration was battling to have it intact. In an interview, Rusape acting town secretary Moses Chiraya, confirmed that the council repossessed stands to offset a US$140 000 wage bill.

We are diverting all the revenue towards salaries to avert the collapse of this council because the workers won their case, said Chiraya. However, residents the council should have followed proper procedures rather than doing things in a ragtag way. We will take action because the council cannot repossess stands developed to window level and give it to its worker. Thats daylight robbery, said a resident whose stand was illegally repossessed.

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