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bulawayo_agendaThe Daily Agenda, published from Monday to Friday will provide information on critical governance and developmental issues.

It is our hope that the information provided will be useful to our constituency of readership, particularly the leaders at the local level and civil society practitioners, in informing and shaping their choice of developmental objectives and initiatives.

Lupane– The Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, said that there is an urgent need to resuscitate food aid in the area as there were no yields to last until the next harvest due to low rainfall. Community members expressed concern about teachers strike that has affected the education system to their area which is already affected by the few schools they have. Moreover, they were concerned that if teachers get a raise for their salary, that will increase prices of goods in shops and the availability of the United States Dollar, especially to people in the Rural Areas.

Bulawayo– Women and Men of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) held a march in Bulawayo yesterday to celebrate Valentines Day and also advocate for the writing of a new constitution. WOZA in its press release called for a new constitution noting that having a new constitution will help improve the welfare of the people of Zimbabwe. We demand a living constitution that will give us bread and roses too, WOZA said. The organisation called for the people of Zimbabwe to fight for a new constitution.

Tsholotsho– Community members have expressed concern that lack of information about the making of the new constitution will result in their inability to correctly air out their needs during the outreach process. They said that there have been a few organizations that have taken the task of educating community members about the Lancaster house which is currently in use and the Kariba Draft which may be used as a point of reference.

Community members also raised concern over the low rainfall that the area experienced in Tsholotsho which has wilted maize plants. This has resulted in community members having to walk about 30km to the centre to buy a bucket of maize at R60. They said that only a handful that sowed millet will get a better yield this year.

Upcoming Events

The Gender and Development Department will be holding a series of focus group meetings this afternoon

Topic- Promoting Womens Participation in the Constitution Making Process.

Venue- Pumula 1000 -1200hrs

-Lobengula 1400- 1600hrs

Civic Society Leadership Forum including Councilors.

Agenda- To brainstorm on submissions on Private Members Bill on POSA

Venue- Bulawayo Agenda Democracy Centre

Time- 1000hrs

Date 16/02/10

The Portfolio Committee has resolved that it should conduct public hearings for Public Hearings on Public Order and Security Act (POSA) in order to get the views of stakeholders and members of the public.

The public hearings will be held at the following times and venues.


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