Washing machine for dogs

washing_machinePet-owners in Japan are washing their dogs and cats in specially designed vending machines to save money in the recession. (Pictured: washing machine)

More and more people are making use of machines such as one installed at a pet supermarket called Joyful Honda in the suburbs of Tokyo. It washes and blow dries dogs and cats for the equivalent of just 3.50 – a massive saving on the costs of pet stylists who charge more than 20 for a full wash and blow-dry.

Naka Honda said he did not think the machine was cruel – but admitted it had taken his Yorkshire Terrier, Benji, a while to get used to it. Benji particularly “hated” the dryer, he said, but would put up with it so long as his owner stood outside the glass where he could see him.

The 33 minute process includes a shampoo, a rinse and a dry. The process claims to use pure ‘ozone’ water and be entirely safe. One of the groomers even took it upon himself to demonstrate the safety of the machine by having a full wash and dry himself.

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