ACTSA welcomes Zuma

jacob_zuma2LONDON - The state visit of President Jacob Zuma (Pictured) of South Africa to Britain (3 -5 March) is an affirmation of the solidarity between people in Britain and South Africa.

The democratic government of South Africa has consistently thanked those who took action against apartheid and supported the struggle for freedom and democracy for South Africa. It continues to request support today as it seeks to ensure decent and sustainable livelihoods for all South Africans.

During the state visit the South African government will want to encourage investment in South Africa. ACTSA calls on people to reverse the boycott of apartheid South Africa and buy fairly traded South African products and support sustainable tourism. We are in Fairtrade fortnight. The British and South African governments will discuss the global economic crisis. ACTSA calls for measures to be adopted which reduce the impact of the crisis on the poorest and to maximise decent jobs. We expect Zimbabwe to be discussed and urge support for the people of Zimbabwe to find solutions to their crisis based on democracy and respect of human rights. We hope and request that the situation in Swaziland where political freedom is denied will also be discussed. We believe that the visit provides an opportunity for Britain and South Africa to develop leadership on climate change and ensure there is an international legally binding agreement which tackles the causes of climate change, provides additional resources to developing countries and supports the reduction of poverty.

ACTSA and the National Union of Teachers will be launching Football and Freedom, a pack for schools, on March 3rd. The materials will allow teachers to use childrens passion for the World Cup to explore South Africas history, culture and the challenges and successes of development. During and following the visit ACTSA will continue to build links and solidarity between Britain and southern Africa in support of development, democracy, rights and justice.

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