Health Ministry pushes circumcision

BULAWAYO Zimbabwe could reduce its current HIV prevalence rate from 13, 7 per cent to a single-digit if it aggressively pushed men to be circumcised, health officials said.

The Health Ministry is already planning a massive circumcision campaign targeting at least 1,2 million men over the next two years in a bid to stem the rise in new HIV infections across the country.

Male circumcision is being considered as an additional HIV prevention strategy alongside other measures such as condom use, abstinence and sticking to one partner.

According to a study on the global prevalence of male circumcision, 665 million men, or 30 per cent, of the world male population is circumcised.

Studies suggest that male circumcision reduces the risk of men contracting HIV during heterosexual intercourse by about 60 percent but health experts warn that this should not replace other more effective prevention methods. Zimbabwe, one of the countries worst hit by HIV, joined a regional initiative to use voluntary circumcision to help combat the spread of the virus.

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