Obama, the hope of students

obama_barackThe US Embassy recently honoured five Zimbabwean students for essays about their hopes following the ascendancy to the US Presidency by Barack Obama (Pictured) in 2009.

This is the second of a five part series showcasing the students work. Here, Belinda Bell from Chinhoyi High School writes on the following topic: What hope does Barack Obama embody for you as an African youth in the 21st century?

Like an unstoppable wind, the Barack Obama fever spread throughout the globe. It reached Africa, for a moment our attention shifted from our own struggles to watch the rise of this visionary leader. Such great euphoria mounted as the world witnessed this African-American man collide with his destiny. The seeds of hope planted in our hearts at that moment of victory have started germinating. For me, and African youth, Obama is the epitome of that hope because he assured us that Yes We Can!

The super-power status of America and its influence on the world arena capacitates President Obama as the world leader. His direct link with Africa and vision for education evokes hope in me that African education shall be revolutionalised. We have many schools yet some cannot afford them. Due to financial hardships, some children miss out on the cradle of education-pre-school, only to drop out because they never had a proper foundation for schooling. I believe that President Obama, through the United Nations, can fund African education so that each child can get his or her fundamental right of education. I believe through President Obama every child will be empowered by education to aim high and set their limit beyond the sky.

President Obama embodies hope for peace in Africa. He is saying no to war, where else then hope can be? There has been an outbreak of civil wars in Africa, like in Rwanda and Togo. Peacekeepers and relief can be dispatched to such countries and better still negotiators to completely oust war. A peaceful environment fosters belief in the future unlike in war situations. In a serene atmosphere, youths can dream for a better tomorrow and work hard for it.

The number one killer in Africa is disease. The legendary killer, HIV/AIDS and its accomplices have claimed may lives. Left are scars in the form of orphans, and widows, breathing life to even bigger problems like poverty. Yet today, we have hope in President Obama that awareness campaigns can be funded and basic treatment made affordable to all. Treated and under medication, there is hope for an HIV free generation.

Barack Obama broke new grounds and made history in the process. Judging from his background, he had every excuse to wind up in mediocrity but he settled for nothing less that greatness. He embodies hope for me that I can make it, if he could be the first African-American President of America, then I too can attain greatness. Through him, I also have a dream, to not only be a successful lawyer but the Chief Justice at the International Court of Justice.

The Twenty first century is my opportunity and platform for greatness. Through Obama, I believe, in this century, the world has been transformed into a suitable environment for my success with hope for better education, peace and health in Africa. I rise with an indomitable spirit and great hope that I shall be the reality of my forefathers as I take on the world because Obama told us that: YES WE CAN.

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