School petition over road

pothole_harareHARARE A Harare school has petitioned Mayor Muchadei Masunda over the poor state of a road leading to the school in the citys Ridgeview suburb which was described by one of the parents as a maze of potholes. (Pictured: A pothole on a road in Harare. (Credit Mother Duck)

Parents at Westridge High School urged Masunda to intervene by instructing Harare City Councils Department of Works to make the necessary arrangements to repair a section of Ganges Road which passes through the school in Ridgeview. The road has steadily deteriorated to the extent that potholes are now a major hazard to traffic and the children, the petition said.

Motorists are being forced to manoeuvre the potholes to avoid damage to their vehicles and in the process they dangerously encroach into the path of on-coming traffic.

Something has to be done urgently, commented one of the parents. The poor condition of Ganges Road is representative of the general state of Harares roads which are characterised by potholes and uneven surfaces.

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