Mugabe has lost it

bob_mugSome time back in the history of this lovely country, President Mugabe (pictured) used to be an astute manager of the affairs of the state. He used to be tough with those of his ministers and permanent secretaries who strayed from the straight and narrow. He used to insist on ethical behaviour and good governance from among his

He used to allow law enforcement agencies of the state to investigate cases of corruption and other forms of impropriety committed by his cronies and he would allow the law to take its course. Not any more. There are numerous cases right now of some permanent secretaries and ministers who illegally helped themselves to state property, including vehicles, farms and residential stands, but who have not been investigated or suspended or reprimanded in any way.

A case in point is that of Ignatius Chombo, Minister of Local Government, who seems to have acquired inexplicable properties throughout the country. Then there is the case of Obert Mpofu, minister of Mines, who is alleged to have bought significant properties in Victoria Falls and Bulawayo.

But Mugabe does not seem to care about what these looters are doing to both this nation and to his own political party. I strongly suspect that, although he knows what is going on all around him, President Mugabe no longer has the power to stop these kleptocrats from robbing the people of this country. He no longer has the political will to insist on ethical behavior among his ministers and secretaries. In short, he is no longer governing this country.

Instead, the very thieves that are ransacking this country are the ones who are now governing Mugabe. They know so much about his own sins that he dares not challenge them to behave themselves. If he should ever ask them about their reported amassing of ill-gotten wealth, they are very likely to point their fingers at him and remind him that he is probably worse than they are in committing unethical conduct. Perhaps that is what he is afraid of.

There is also the possibility that all these looters are good at paying their dues to the Supreme Leader by way of ensuring that he gets his cut from whatever they will have looted from the people of this country. It is, however, unfortunate that the poor people of this country should be subjected to ever increasing poverty as a result of the total lack of will to govern and to do the right thing on the part of the chief executive of this country.

There are strong indications that the Marange diamonds are being looted daily by none other than the top leadership of Zanu (PF) including senior security and law enforcement officials. There is ample evidence to the effect that if the Chiadzwa diamonds were legally mined and sold, this country would not need any significant development assistance from the international community. This country would also be able to pay all its debts in full and still remain with change to develop the nation.

But alas! This is not to be, at least for now. The outgoing political leadership of this country is determined to ensure that come next elections, whoever wins the poll will inherit a thoroughly looted economy that will be tottering on the brink of bankruptcy.

It is critical that Prime Minister Tsvangirai and his team in the inclusive government carefully keep all the records they receive regarding the looting of state property. It is possible that tomorrow those records will be used to trace and recover some of the wealth that these people are stealing from us today.

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